Homoeopathy may help many patients to restore on their health by helping to sustain a balanced state of mental and physical wellbeing.

In Homoeopathy, understanding the psyche of a person including behavioural analysis is very significant since every individual has a different nature. It is only a healthy state of mind whom can achieve physical well-being.

  • Homeopathic remedies may benefit in various ways as they are prepared from natural substances.
  • It helps in managing symptoms of Acute and Chronic conditions
  • They usually are natural substances used in minute doses
  • It can assist in reducing recurrent infections.
  • We have seen long term benefits
  • No complicated procedures to take remedies
  • No bitter pills or painful injections
  • Generally, no contra-indications but check with your health care provider


Homoeopathy was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (Germany) in the year 1796. During this time, there was insufficient conventional medical treatments available for many ailments and conditions. This led to Dr Hahnemann establishing a system of medicine that uses natural substances, without the side effects that come with whole herbs or chemical drugs.

Homoeopathy is also called the “Royal Medicine”, after the British Royal Family started using homeopathy, and continue to do so, since 1830. It is a complete system of medicine which has been declared as the second most used medical system recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It has more than 2000 clinically proven medicines which are made from natural substances like plants, animal extracts and minerals.

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